Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

Our Shark Fishing Charters out of Belmar start in mid to late May, when the bluefish move in chasing bait off shore and the mako’s are right behind them.  When you get the triangle of water temp, life and water clarity, that’s when it’s time to go searching for the monsters of the sea.  With the right water and life in the area you can be sure those sharks are right near you.

Belmar Shark Fishing

Seeing a shark come into the slick is exciting.  Then feeling how powerful these great fish are is something you won’t forget. “I will never go regular fishing again.” Said one of my customers after the first shark they reeled in.    Shark fishing is so much like hunting....except you can be loud, talk, use the bathroom, move around, and do it over and over!  And how great would a nice set of mako jaws be mounted on a piece of driftwood next to a buck, bear, or antelope on your wall? Awesome!

It’s also a great trip for entertaining and catching up with good friends. This is a great time for you to relax and get to know each other, especially if it’s a “business” trip or if you haven’t caught up in a while.  In fact, I look at shark fishing as a great golf-alternative. Why? You have a nice ride out to talk and get to know each other better. Once the fishing starts, you sit around, snack, have a few drinks, talk, and wait for something exciting to happen.  Then you look like a hero as your customer goes toe-to-toe with a huge, strong, fast beast.  Anyone can take them golfing!

We get the drift going by chumming, spreading fish oil, and other methods and then establish a set pattern of baits that work at several different depths. When the shark hits or we see one enter the slick, we try to put everything in your hands. We believe in safety-these are sharks! You’ll never forget your first big shark!

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