Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

Capt. Pete has been Fishing the Atlantic Ocean for most of his life. It started back when he was old enough to walk to the marina and fish off the docks. From that early age, the little blond boy made a name for himself and starting to fish and work on the party boats of Shark River.  At that time everyone knew who little Pete was. A young boy with the work ethic of a grown man.

Fishing weekends and all summer when out of school, Pete became a well talented fisherman and mate. His entire teenage and young adult hood was spent working on the ocean. Pete's Love for the water couldn’t keep him away. The salt runs through his veins. Don’t ask him what time are we going home? He may just say “ WE ARE HOME”.

Capt Pete Works hard for you to catch fish. Not because its his job, but because there is nothing better than the priceless face of someone catching that monster fish.

Capt Tom Rock is Parker Pete's Co- Captain. He has been fishing The North East his entire life. He specializes in Offshore fishing. If Tuna and shark is what your looking for then "Rock" is your man. this man does not wear a watch on the ocean, sometimes I have to call him to make sure he plans on coming in to refuel. Capt Tom wont stop till the meat is in the boat.

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