spring and fall belmar striped bass charters

Belmar Spring / Fall Striped Bass Fishing: April and May is when the weather starts to get really nice and Summer is in the Air. Well It’s also the time to start thinking Striped Bass Fishing out of Belmar. As The water temperatures rise and the bait moves in, so do those amazing cow stripers. If you have never experienced Striped Bass Fishing out of Belmar, you are only left to imagine .. Read More Here.

summer flounder

Belmar Summer Flounder / Fluke Charters: The summer is the time to get out there and load the freezer up with Fluke Fillets. At Parker Pete’s Belmar Fishing Charters, we cater to all levels of fishing experience, If you want to take the kids fishing for a day on the water drifting up and down the Jersey Coast, we can do that. If you are a hard core fisherman looking for that Fluke-Asorous, We can do that too... Read More Here.

belmar blackfish tog fishing charter

Bottom Fishing out of Belmar is probably the coolest fishing we do at Parker Pete’s. You never know what you’re going to catch. When you send that crab or clam down to the bottom hold on tight. Something is going to attack it. We could load up on Sea Bass, Porgies and Trigger Fish around the rocks in late summer and fall or we could hit a wreck and fill the coolers with Ling, Sea Bass and Cod Fish... Read More Here.

belmar shark fishing

Our Shark Fishing Charters out of Belmar start in mid to late May, when the bluefish move in chasing bait off shore and the mako’s are right behind them.  When you get the triangle of water temp, life and water clarity, that’s when it’s time to go searching for the monsters of the sea.  With the right water and life in the area you can be sure those sharks are right near you... Read More Here.

belmar inshore bluefin tuna fishing

Bluefin tuna are the speedsters of the Atlantic. We Get an offshore season and an inshore season with the tuna. We will do trips of chunking / jigging and trolling in the summer months. It's like another world when you get out there and find that crystal clear water. The life you see can make a trip of itself. Don’t forget your camera, chances are you will see whales, dolphins birds and busting tuna... Read More Here.

Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

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