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Sorry for not getting reports up on here as much lately , Fishing has been really good for the Bass .. here is some reports

November 3 , So we have not posted all our recent trips so here it is .... Recently it's been up n down striped bass fishing ... We have live line , troll, jig , chunk ... We covered it all ... Today we started the day chunking , got word of a great live line bite n headed that way ... Let's just say we got there n had 3 bass on instantly ... It was the end of that bite ... We zigged when we shoulda zagged today , but with that the guys there today had an epic bite ... More fish are moving in daily

Nov 4 All I can say is the striped bass are here and they are here in big numbers ... Excellent day of live lining bunker with Bill's group catching a boat limit of their under and overs to 45 inches ... The weather was awesome.

November 5 we were met with another awesome day at sea , the striped bass were still hungry .... Only problem was tons of boats ... Made Pod hoping a lil interesting ... Smaller fish for us today , but still the group got their under fish , thanks again guys ...

November 6 we headed back to the striped bass grounds with Pete's share charter .. Started the day in foggy conditions , had bites right away . They played with it a bit , loosing more than we caught but the guys hand unders n an over ... Thanks again guys

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