Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

11/13 we headed back out to a beautiful day .. Went looking for striped bass and found tons of bait n life .. Whales , dolphins , gannets ... Every thing looked good except the fish didn't bite well.

11/14 we had Kevin's group out for striped bass ... It was game on right away with some big bass on bunker ... Moved around from pod to pod picking away .... Ended the day trolling around to finish off our limit of unders ...

11/15 we headed out for striped bass and found the bait and fish and also a parking lot of boats. We boxed up our limit of under's then set out the troll hoping for some bigger fish but they did not want to bite. Was a great day on the water once again, tomorrow we set out for tog so the bass get a free pass..

11/16 we had Bristol Pete group out for opening day of Tog ...we picked away at some nice roasters ... Some did better than others but over all the guys all went off with a nice bag of meat ...

11/17 we had to cancel due to nasty NE winds

11/18 we headed back out to the striped bass grounds ... It was a bit snippy out with south east wind ... We searched around looking for bait or jig fish ... That didn't happen so we put out the spoons and gave trolling a shot ... That did not work either for us today .... The weather doesn't look good for Thursday

11/20 we gave the ocean another day to settle down ....

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