Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

Had a great day on our partner boat Side Job Sportfishing. We started the day looking for the inshore bluefin tuna that showed up locally ... well we found them.. what a show we saw ..we had to fish on but never saw them.. we saw tuna 30-300 lbs ... giant freight trains torpedoing out of the water .... we then heard of some striped bass so we steamed back in for them... a great day on the water ...


After yesterday’s big bass catch and this mornings big catches before the blow we are looking to start searching full time for striped bass ... with the amount of sand eels around it’s been mostly jig fishing ... our next available week days to do a charter or share charter is next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday .. we will watch the weather and post any spots available. Give us a call to get you on a trip

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