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7/6 Back at the Fluke and Sea Bass grounds today ... we had a hard current out of the North today .. conditions again were not great ... we did pick away at some nice fish.. the keeper ratio got a little better in the afternoon for us... everyone got some meat to go home with ... bait draggers did awesome w Seabass n the bucktail n gulp were key for the nicer Fluke .. high hook was 5 keepers today... plenty of fish around just need them to bite a little better

7/7 we had team Forest electric out for some fluke ... we started our day were we ended up yesterday ... it was pretty foggy conditions .. we were catching some decent fish b4 the wind n rain came ... after that things just shut down w a 2 knot drift ..

7/8 Still the fluke Grind but by days end we did manage to put a nice catch together ..

7/10 Another day on the fluke ground grind ... had our on the water bucktail seminar today ... the guys worked real hard today ... plenty of short action .. the keeper ratio was brutal for us today ... tomorrow is another day

7/11 Back to the Fluke grounds today ... it was a beautiful day out with a nice drift ... covered some ground and picked away all day ... some guys had limits and others did not .. all in all a decent day out there ..

7/12 Today we had Bill and his group out for some Fluke ... we were honored to have them aboard as they were regulars on the Captain John in keyport for years w with capt John .. they were our winners of our drawing of the free charter from our winter shows .. fishing was tough for us today ... we had an allstar crew but conditions were just a little tough ... but it was great to see their reunion.. good times guys thanks

7/15 Another day on the fluke Grind .... Tom n Jim's share charter did some hard work today .. some nicer fish lots of short life .... and a few nice Seabass ... thanks again guys

7/18 Today's bucktail seminar went pretty well ... we had some repeat seminar guys that really showed their progress ... Connecticut Pete had an awesome double header on pink shine ... n guys had limits to 6 lbs ... some drifts were better than others .... it's still a grind ... I wouldn't say it's great ... but the guys really put some work in w some nice fish .... thanks again guys

7/19 Another day of grinding away on the fluke grounds ... today the guys w bucktails did awesome .. most had their limits .. the bait dragging guys had a tough time ... thanks again guys

7/21 Today we had our friends team Forest electric out for some fluke ... we picked away at them throughout the day .. plenty of short action n the guys w bucktails had limits ... thanks again guys ... nice job

7/22 Today we fished the point elks fluke tournament ... searched all over for a hungry big fish ... hit a ton of spots that should of had one ... just wasn't our day ... there was deff some quality fish around if we stuck it out... congrats to the winners

Well we are back to the Sea bass and Fluke grind .... today we had Jon group out and we did great w the Sea bass n ling and picked away at the fluke .... the water temps are pretty cool ... the fluke were not committing to the bite ... we did have guys w their limits plus ... but it wasn't on fire .... by days end we put a catch together ... everyone went home w a nice bag of meat .. thanks again

5/24 pm we headed Back out for the striped bass... it was a tough to make bait so we put the spoons n Mojo out... the guys had a blast reeling in 40 lb plus fish .. got our limit of overs n 1 under .

5/26 This morning capt Tom had the boat out for our Am striped bass charter .. it was a very tough bite that never materialized... a giant thresher shark was around for the day making things tough .... This afternoon we had team Forest Electric out for pm striped bass .. we went out on the tide change and had fish on right away .... we plucked away at fish until they suddenly got lock jaw ... we did manage 1 more b4 dark .... 3 cows over 40 lbs n one under 43".... not a bad afternoon guys .. thanks again .. get on our trips for some monster bass ...

5/27 It was a sea bass kinda Am trip .... the striped ones did not want to cooperate today on the Am or Pm trip.... tomorrow is another day

5/30 No Am trip today .... pm trip was miserable with no bait , misty rain , east swell you name it we had it ... but the fish .... trolled all over with no love ... read a few fish but they just didn't want to chew .....

5/31 Full redemption tonight .... if you find the bait they will come ..... we had an awesome afternoon of live lining striped bass ... we got lucky n found a surface pod in the fog .... great fishing guys ...

6/1 is morning we had my crew for the Irvington fire department out for striped bass .... we found bait pretty easy this AM... we did a few drifts in the area w no bites .... moved around and found a few hungry ones to 41 lbs ... great day guys....

6/2 This Am we had the king of consultants striped bass tournament... We only manage to get 2 nice bass ... we will see if we make the board ... thanks guys

6/2 pm Team forest Electric out again for more striped bass .. yes they got what they came for ...... the afternoon started off a little rough with the annoying South East wind .... then it started to blow all directions before coming North west .... the fish really turned on as afternoon went on... there was no bait around so it was spoons n Mojo... we even had a triple header at one time .... crazy fishing for awhile .... thanks again guys

6/3 This Am we had Mark and his boys out for striped bass .... we did not have the quantity today but we had the quality .... started with an Atlantic torpedo ray... never herd of it until the kid googled it ... it's an electric ray that has 220 volt sting ... it also lives in 2000 ft of water but we caught it in 60.... strange things ....the rest of the day we went 2 for 3.... with the biggest bass going 45 lbs 48"....thanks again guys

6/8 What was a tough start ended up ok ... the guys did well with fish to just under 40 lbs .

6/10 So to continue our Pm post .... it was an all out bass-acre .... poppers , shads , lives, mojo' ,spoons.... anything you had would of worked .... the guys kicked ass getting their over limits n a few unders .. releasing more overs ..... an awesome time to watch the guys crush

6/11 Another night of getting some nice striped Bass .. Corey n his boys did some work on nice fish .... hunter did a job on the green flys with the A-Salt gun.... great job guys , thanks again ...


Another awesome Pm trip .... broke 5 cherries tonight ....the young Lads put a beating on huge fish ... thanks again guys ..


6/13 Here we go ...Live line mania ..... everyone joined the 40-50+ lb club tonight on the Parker Pete .....amazing job on fighting 6 fish on at once gang ..... thank you again ... It doesn't get better than tonight .


6/15 We were back out this afternoon ... found the bait w no problem .... was about to set up on some local areas when we got the call of a bite going on ... we took the ride n when we got there we got 1 bluefish n a few short bites .... just wasn't our night tonight ... tomorrow is another day


6/17 It was a smorgasbord kinda day for both our AM n pm trip ..... Sea bass , ling, fluke , whiting ..... with the conditions we had w the Fog made it tough to see any bunkers .. we tried to troll but they just didn't want it ... so bottom fishing it was ..... thanks again guys .... tomorrow is a blow out ... see ya'll soon ... happy Father's Day

5/15 we had Steve and his crew out for striped bass.... we started looking in our usual areas but found nothing but tons of blues ... the guys had a great time jig fishing ... after that we dealt w very windy conditions on the troll ... we did manage one monster striped bass ... Billy caught his personal best of 46 lbs 48" fish .

5/16 am we went out looking for striped bass .. a few were caught here n there in the fleet .. we decided to go jig them up again .. it was great fishing ... after that we went back to the troll for the bass ... we just couldn't find much bait readings today ... tomorrow is another day

5/17 Am  Capt Tom had the Parker Pete out today with his group for striped bass ... it was a good start in the morning with Mike catching his personal best a 46 lb cow ... followed up by a few other over n under fish ... it was all in all a good day for the guys ....

5/18 pm This afternoon we had our magic hour trip .. it was tough for us to stay tight on the fish ... these fish were huge fish and any chance they were given to get away they did ... all 35-40 lb class fish .... John got his new personal best 46" 40 lb cow .. great job buddy ... thanks again guys

5/19 am and This morning we had our friends from Forest Electric out again for striped bass ... it was a tough day on the bass grounds ... we did manage a nice 36 lber this Am 10 minutes after we started but that was it for us ...we went back out for the Pm trip and tried a new area but with similar results for us ... 1 more nice fish to 38 lbs .... just couldn't get dialed in on them today .... we did have our limit +++++ of green Flies .... thanks again guys we will get them next time

5/20 We had to cancel the AM trip , but We made it out this afternoon... it started out a bit snotty so we trolled close to the beach and put a hurting on some blues for the kids ... as it calmed down a bit we moved off the beach n started to catch some striped bass ... it got better as we got closer to dark ... some personal best were caught today to 36 lbs .... nice job boys staying at the rail all afternoon....

5/21 Crazy Bluefish action on our AM trip .... lots of jig fishing

5/21 pm Tonight we finally got a chance to do some live lining bunker .... we made bait n trolled around for awhile...had a few bites but couldn't stay tight ... it looked very fishy where we were but no real love .... so we decided to go where we trolled them the other night n drifted out live baits ..... as soon as we stopped we had a fish on ... lost a few n then the guys got the hang of the bite .... a lot of personal best were caught tonight ... Jeff had the biggest going 47-48lbs ....49.5" fish ... outstanding job tonight guys ... thanks again

5/23 This morning we had our friends from the Jersey city FD out for some striped bass ... We drifted baits all day ... picking at fish every so often .. the biggest problem was keeping fish tight on the hooks ...
This afternoon we went back out for more striped bass ... we found very active bunker w fish following the baits and getting a few runoffs ... after messing with baits we made a move finding some more hungry bass ... but having the same issue with fish not staying tight ..... all in all some quality fish around ... thanks again gang

Friday May 12 we had Team Forest Electric out for striped Bass... boy the Bass  were hungry .. the guys caught all they could want of fish to 41 lbs ... an awesome day ... Trips are booking up Fast... call now and get in on the Hot action

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