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6/7 am trip was filed with striped bass to 40 lbs on live bunker

6/7 pm trip Our magic hour trip tonight was not so magical .... Storm blew through and made the bait situation a problem ... We did have a few ... Thursday is another day for the magic hour trip ... Capt Tom had the Parker Pete out this evening and caught a few on troll and live line ...

6/9 Am Today our morning group got to battle some nice striped bass in very windy conditions ... This pm magic hour trip the bass were very hungry ... I lost count of how many fish were hooked ... The biggest fish of the night spooled the line to the backing of the reel b4 we lost her... The fish we did land were very nice fish ... Thanks again everyone for a nice trip ..

6/9 pm was a late bite for the striped bass and we put in some extra time to catch them

6/11 am trip Today we had Kean University crew. Faculty- Dr. Casey Zois and his meteorologist graduates, Joe Punday, Chester Schmidt and Will Heyniger. Academic + personal friendships spanning 25+ years. Assembling from Howell, Neptune, Union NJ and Ellicott Park, Md, just to fish on the Parker Pete for some gator blues ... We picked at them in the morning and it got a lil snotty in afternoon ... But the guys had a great time and talking weather all day long .... Needless to say Ed was in his glory today with the weather talk..

6/13 am we had the Jersey City Fire guys out for some striped Bass ... they didnt want to bite so we went for fluke instead... catching plenty of shorts and a few nice keepers

6/14 am was no good for striped bass

6/14 pm Our last few day trips have been a bit tough n last night was tough on the magic hour trip to make bait ... But we did get some nice fish in the 40 Lb class ... Today's another day

6/15 Well it finally happened for the Parker Pete crew .. We got our 50 lber .... It weight was 52 lbs ... We also had a nice 42 lber n a 35 lber .... Thank you gang for a memorable trip ... And thank you to my 3 boys for singing the good luck song to me every day and afternoon ...

6/16 Pm Our morning trips have still been tough , as was the magic hour trip this past Thursday .. The fish were just moving around and could not get settled in on them.. As for Friday we could not get a bass bite so we did some fluke scouting and found a few flat fish

plenty of dates open for both Fluke and Striped bass call to book your trips

friday Am trip 6/3- friday mornings group decided to go for seabass. ..  we picked away all day at all size seabass gettig 4 short of our limit by days end..

Friday Pm striped Bass trip -An amazing trip for the first place winner of the shark river surf anglers annual trout tournament ... Kyle Kohlmann was awarded a free striped bass trip with Parker Petes for winning the Tournament ... You couldn't of asked for a better night to catch monster Bass... Job well done guys .getting a boat limit of huge striped bass

Saturday Am Striped Bass trip- Not a bad day for the Forest electric charter .all big bass to 40 lbs ... Had them on live line n troll ... Nice job guys see ya in 1.5 weeks

saturday pm charter on the capt Cal striped bass- Saturday we a had magic hour Charter for striped bass that we took out on the 75' party boat Capt Cal... Beautiful weather and some hungry striped bass ... We had many run offs that the hooks pulled ... We did managed to get some monster fish to 44 lbs ... Great job gang ...

Sunday 6/5 we cancelled our trips with the weather forcast...

Plenty of dates to get in on the great striped bass fishing .... hurry up and get aboard

5/31 Am trip we had a seabass trip for our group. The day started out with dense Fog. We bounced from spot to spot trying to put a catch together but all we really got was shorts to eat the bait. it was a tough day

5/31 we had our Magic hour trip that had great striped bass fishing. Loads of bunker moved into the area with fish all over them ... some guys were dialed in and giot thier over and under fish... it was a great night of catching ....

6/1 Am striped Bass fishing was slow for us after the great bite the night before. Our group gave it their all with live line bunker. the Striped bass would bump it or follow it but not eat it for us...

5/23 Am , we headed back out to the striped bass grounds .. We were met w a beautiful ocean .... Started to see bait but it was too spread out to snag ... Put out the trolling gear and right away we started to get bites ... The fish were being very aggressive today .. Missing a bunch ... Once we got dialed in we got some cows ... All 35-43 lb big cows... A very nice day at sea ..

5/23 pm trip , Tonight's crew got into some nice cows too... Was not fast n furious but the quality was there ..

5/24 AM trip ,Today's group getting it done with over's n under's striped bass .... More personal best caught today for the gang.The big girls were hungry on our AM trip .. The guys got to wrestle some big cows with most being over 43".... Great day guys ... Heading out again to get some more

5/24 PM trip ,Live lining tonight was no good for us ... Lost the ones that bit.... We will get them next time ... They are here just only bit for a short time for us.

5/26 Am trip This Am group decided to go get some sea bass .. We were met with once again a beautiful ocean ... We had great life all morning .. Just tough on the keeper size ... As the afternoon progressed , so did the fishing ... Bigger biscuits started to come over the rail ... Not a great amount but the guys out a catch together ..

5/26 magic hour trip Our magic hour trip started off with going one way to get bunker only to go the other way to find fish... The fish were scattered around with boats catching some here n there

5/27 Am Today's charter got to get out for some nice striped bass fishing ... We boated the big girls up to 39 lbs .. The boys n girls had a blast ..

5/27 PM trip Rough seas this afternoon , but we caught a few nice ones

5/28 am The boys today got some real nice striped bass ... They love it so much they booked the Pm too ...

5/28 pm Little sporty again this afternoon but the boys got it done .. Even had a double header on... All big fish ... Thanks again Boys .... See ya soon

5/29 am trip , Today's group didn't want to wait for the striped bass to turn on ... So we took a ride n slammed some blues ...

5/29 pm trip , A little fog didn't keep these striped bass from eating ... It was great fishing ... The Florida boys did an amazing job with their first ever striped bass .... Thanks guys ...

5/30 am trip we canceled due to weather reports .....

we have plenty of dates available in June for charter or share charter ... get out with us and get thiose striped bass now .... the bite is on


After Catching some nice bass last night we headed back to the same area and it was no good... we tried all day , saw fish but just could not get them to bite. as the day went on the ocean got a lil snappy. We have decide to cancel tonights trip and sunday morning..

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