Parker Pete's Belmar Fishing Charters

bluefin tuna fishingBluefin Tuna are the speedsters of the Atlantic. We Get an offshore season and an inshore season with the Bluefin Tuna. We will do trips of chunking / jigging and trolling in the summer months. Its like another world when you get out there and find that crystal clear water. The life you see can make a trip in of itself. Don’t forget your camera, chances are you will see whales, dolphins birds and busting tuna.

Our Fall Bluefin Tuna Run is totally different. These fish are on the move. Chasing sand eels and large bunker. These fish may only come up 20-30 seconds at a time to eat so it’s a real run and gun type fishing. These fish are also very close to shore. A lot of times we are jigging or popping striped bass in with the tuna. You have to work very hard to catch one of these migrating tuna, but when you do it’s a battle and a half.

At Parker Pete’s we use top of the line spinning and popping tackle for the fall run tuna. This gives you the edge on casting to a school of feeding tuna. A screaming spinning reel with a 200lb tuna on it is a pretty wild sound.  The only sound better is when the fish hits the deck and we are all high fiving. So if chasing these speedsters sounds like something you want to do give us a call, they usually show up inshore just after Thanksgiving.

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